Fleece blankets, plush throws and soft baby blankets. All made in America and guaranteed.

Summer Blankets; Our top 10 criteria to look for when shopping for a summer blanket or throw.

As we put this years long harsh winter behind us we are brought to the thought of a potential new blanket for the summer months. Following is American Blanket Companies top 10 criteria behind the perfect summer blanket.

  1. A blanket that is oversized and can accommodate four when having a picnic. (50”x 70” works but we prefer a 50”x 80”)
  2. A blanket that dries quickly and can wick away moisture.
  3. A blanket that is warm even if it gets wet, (evening boat cruises, or a misty game day)
  4. A blanket that never sheds or pills. (keep your clothes free of lint and also your car seats)
  5. A blanket for your bare skin, soft to the touch when laying on the beach.
  6. A blanket that is easy care, it can be washed and dried after being exposed to the outdoor elements.
  7. A blanket that will not mold or mildew and can be left in the car for months at a time.
  8. A blanket that is compact and warm and can be transported in a tote or backpack.
  9. A blanket that gives you comfort after a long work day and takes you to a place of relaxation.
  10. A blanket that is guaranteed for life, and Made in the USA.

 Each polyester blanket at American Blanket fits the above criteria. See how good they make you feel.

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Luster Loft Fleece Blanket Review & Blanket Giveaway

Thanks, Mail Carrier says: The Softest Blanket Ever Made: American Blanket Company Luster Loft Fleece Blanket.

See the review and enter the giveaway here.

Thanks for the review and support! 

"As soft as a child’s stuffed toy!" says Still Blonde After All These Years

Thank you for all of the kind words Still Blonde. 

From the post: “Here’s what I love about the Luster Loft Fleece! Imagine that stuffed toy that your baby has/had. You know the one…so soft that you stroke it softly when no one is looking. THAT IS JUST HOW THIS BLANKET FEELS! I swear it’s the softest thing in my house! I also love that this blanket is American made by American workers.”

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Blanket Review: Warm and Soft Blanket

We LOVE it—is very soft and is very warm—we are in a cold snap right now—temps below zero—and are sleeping very warm and comfortably with this blanket.  Thank you-American made—American quality.

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Throw Blanket Review: Non Shedding

Ok, so I thought 50 bucks was a lot to pay for a “throw” on the sofa, but I had just purchased one for $20 and threw it away after I washed it because it was shedding EVERYWHERE! Stupidly, I bought a different kind (or so I thought) for $30. Same thing! It got ALL OVER my black slacks and I threw it away. Hence the reason I googled “soft blanket that won’t shed” I received the blanket in a beautiful box, wrapped in ribbon and the blanket was in tissue paper. It felt special already! LOL It is suuuuper soft and because I have puppies, I’ve already had to wash it. NO SHEDDING! Yaaaay! So I will (for sure) be ordering more for myself and family members. I’ll bet babies and little children would love them! They are soooo soft. I also love that that are made in the USA! Win win!! Thanks so much!!

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Warm Blankets: Which fleece blanket is the warmest?

Customers often ask which fleece blanket is our warmest. Tough to say; we like to think of them all as a warm blanket. But, if I were pressed and had to pick one of them to take out into the wild or one that I’d keep in my car for an emergency blanket, I’d probably choose the Peaceful Touch fleece blanket.

This soft blanket happens to also have one of the highest warmth to weight ratios in market today, making it an extremely warm blanket.

If you’re looking for a warm blanket that’s softer than wool and warmer than a cotton blanket, try this blanket.

Check out the Peaceful Touch Blanket here.

Personalized Blankets: Blankets, throws and baby blankets

Personalized blankets are the difference between a simple, beautiful blanket and a life-long keepsake.

All American Blankets’ fleece blankets, throw blankets and baby blankets are avaialble as personalized blankets. We embroider our blankets right here in our shop in Fall River Massachusetts. The process adds just $10.00 to the order and a few extra days to ship, but the extra care is worth the wait to create a blanket that’s truly yours. 

Learn more about American Blanket Company’s Personalized blankets here.  

Soft Blanket: What makes a blanket a soft blanket?

Soft blankets are our business.  

Soft blankets require soft blanket materials
American Blankets’ soft blankets start with the quality of the materials we use to make our blankets. We use only the finest polyester yarns (288 filament) and softest fabrics available in the world today. These fine micro-denier fibers create ultra soft, warm and durable materials.

Brushing and shearing ensures your blanket won’t shed.
Our blankets are brushed and sheared on both the face and the back of each blanket 6 times to achieve a smooth, non-pilling finish. These steps are what differentiate us from our fleece blanket competition. It takes more time and attention, but it is the only way we know our blankets will be the softest and highest quality blankets available today.

Softer, more durable stitching
Our stitching process is done using a multi-needle top and bottom cover stitch machine. This machine uses 5 cones of thread and creates an added level of durability while providing a nice decorative stitch around the hem of the blanket. We prefer to use a self-fabric hem as apposed to satin binding. Satin binding tends to break down and fray after multiple washings. Our fabrics are much more durable than the satin binding and prolongs the life of our blankets.

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Soft Throws, Super Soft Throws, Softest Throws: Fleece blanket comparison.

Soft Throw Blanket Comparison.

We’ve got three lines of fleece throw blankets available today. Let’s take a look:

Peaceful Touch Fleece Throws, Supple Touch Fleece Throws and Luster Loft Fleece Throws. Think of them as soft fleece throws, super-soft fleece throws and the softest fleece throws available today.

Soft Throws: Peaceful Touch™
A soft, warm and comfortable fleece throw blanket. This is our least expensive throw blanket, but don’t let that fool you; it’s a non-shedding, non-pilling throw and just like all our throw blankets, it’s made in America and guaranteed. Peaceful Touch throws are available in two sizes: 50x70 and 50x80 and 8 beautiful colors. Peaceful Touch fleece throws are circular knit construction with a smooth, low-loft pile. The finest 288 filament polyester yarns available create the soft fleece throw blanket pile fibers.

Super Soft Throws: Supple Touch™
A super soft, warm and plush fleece throw blanket. Supple Touch’s flat knit construction creates a higher loft than the Peaceful Touch throw blanket. The finest 288 filament polyester yarns available create the plush throw blanket pile fibers. Also available in two sizes: 50x70 and 50x80 and comes in 9 colors.

Softest Throws: Luster Loft™
The softest fleece throw we make. The future of blankets has arrived. Luster Loft is the warm, soft, plush throw blanket to meet all of your home design and decorating needs. This is the softest throw blanket we’ve ever seen.

All three lines of American Blankets’ throws are lofted through a meticulous, multi-step brushing process releasing all of the fine filament fibers and preparing the fleece throw fabric for the final and most important step: Shearing.  Most blanket companies shear just one side of the fabric, causing the back side of the blanket to develop pills, hold hair and continuously release loose blanket fibers. All of our throw blankets are sheared six (6) times to create a beautiful, non-shedding, non-pilling, soft throw blanket.

When you buy an American Blanket throw, you’re buying the best throw blanket we can make. Your throw blanket will be crafted in an historic textile mill, by a team of skilled artists committed to delivering you the finest, high-quality, plush, fleece blankets and throws.  
We’re proud to say that all our throws are made in America, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

A look into the American Blanket Company shop and process